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Reference ?(...or...)   >(...then...)   -(...not...)   +(...and...)   "term term"   t?rm*   -term
  • 'and' is rarely necessary, since it is implicit.
  • Parentheses can be nested to form complex queries.
  • 'and', 'then', and 'not' queries are always limited to a maximum term separation of about 30 words - not the entire page or document.
  • This separation can be restricted using (...)12, but not expanded.
Deus amor Search full text for 'Deus' AND 'amor'
>(Deus amor) Search full text for 'Deus' AND THEN 'amor' afterwards
deus -amor Match 'deus' WITHOUT 'amor'
?(deu? amor*) EITHER 'deu?' (? = any single character) or 'amor*' (* = any zero or more characters)
"Deus amor" Exact phrase (terms only - no wildcards or parentheses)
("Deus amor" or(homo gratia peccatum))18 Exact phrase, AND either 'homo' OR 'gratia' OR 'peccatum' within 18 terms of the phrase. The outer parentheses are an implicit 'and', but required in this case in order to limit separation for the entire search query.
Year(s): Use negative dates for BC.

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